About Us

Jay Whyte, founder of the multiple award winning Sigatoka River Safari in Fiji has launched a new tour, Off-Road Cave Safari.
Fiji’s Original and only Off-Road Cave Safari offers a half day of adventure on our ATV bikes along the ‘Road less Travelled’ deep into the Fijian interior. This journey of discovery, rich in Fijian history, enables you to see first-hand Fiji’s largest cave system, the Naihehe Cave, which was home to the Nabuavatu clan during tribal warfare days. You will see how they used this cave system to seek refuge and defend themselves from their enemies until the end of tribal war in Fiji which was just over a hundred years ago. Your Off-Road adventure will last 4.5 hours but we are sure that this half day expedition will have given you a true glimpse of Fiji as it was and truly is.